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Hatzic Elementary
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School Supply List

Gr 1Gr 2Gr 3Gr 4Gr 5Gr 6
Crayons, wax, hexagon, 24 colours111 1  
Erasers - white442444
Exercise books - half & half (interlined) 24    
Exercise books - interlined (full page) 444  
Exercise Books - Plain 2    
Felt pens, jumbo, or thick tip non-permanent 111  
Felt pens, thin  non-permanent (package) 11111
Glue stick, large442423
Glue, white, Elmer's  (large size)11111 1
Key tab notebooks or coil notebooks   22
Kleenex, Box of221121
Paper, blank, 3 hole (package 200 sheets) 1  11
Paper, graph, (package 50 sheets)   11
Paper, lined, narrow (package 200 sheets)   0123
Pen, ball point, blue   225
Pen, ball point, red 11253
Pencil case (zippered 3 hole to fit in binder are best)11111
Pencil box - plastic 1  11 1
Pencil crayons, 24 colours, sharpened with name on each  111111
Pencil sharpener, large, enclosed, with name (metal) 1111
Pencils, HB, Canadian, sharpened202020202020
Printer Paper 8 1/2" x 11" (package of 500 sheets)111112
Ruler, 30 cm, metric, mm & cm (not Metal or metal closed)111112
Scissors, 4", pointed, metal (sewing ones are good) 111111
Individual Zip lock bags (large size) 4    1 
Duotangs in variety of colours868   
Duotangs –2 of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, grey   1 set1 set 
Page Dividers package     4
binder  (not slippery cover)  1 ½ inch      
binder  (not slippery cover)  1 inch with pocket 1   
Binder (not slippery cover)  3 inch      
Zipper binder 11/2 inch     1
Package of 4 dry erase markers with eraser( old socks are great)111111
Sharpies pens medium   223
Sharpie pens fine point   224
Personal Headphones ( earphones)111111
Calculator    11
Geometry Kit     1
Highlighters   1 4 colours
Post-it packs     1
Flashdrive     1

Please note that some teachers may require additional items and a note will be sent home

All kindergarten students have a fee of $50 that covers the school supplies for the year; including cooking, science projects and art projects.