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Hatzic Elementary
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School Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

We Believe:

Hatzic Elementary School offers organized and sustained programmes of instruction. It provides opportunities for self-directed learning, for remedial education, for co-curricular and for extra-curricular activites. Hatzic students acquire knowledge and skills of value. They adopt attitudes which promote an improvement in their quality of life. They are taught to be good citizens. 
The staff believe this school to be a strong positive influence in the lives of its students.

We Expect:

.....that Hatzic students, in an amount and proportion consistent with their age, grade and ability levels, will improve and progress. 

.....that Hatzic students will gain skill in both oral and written communication and that they will develop some understanding of the value of these skills to the process of critical thinking. 

.....that Hatzic students must have basic mathematical skills to permit them to live comfortably and efficiently in our economic society and that, accordingly, they will develop their ability in this area. 

.....that Hatzic students will acquire knowledge and experiences of Social Responsibility, the Social Sciences (Social Studies, History, Geography) and the Natural Sciences. 

.....that Hatzic students will develop their powers of reason, analysis and decision making. 

.....that Hatzic Elementary School will build upon and expand the interests of its students in recreational, artistic and aesthetic areas and, in so doing, will transmit specific appropriate knowledge. 

.....that Hatzic students will become aware of the need for healthy habits, physical fitness, personal hygiene and how to attain such. 

.....that Hatzic Elementary School will continue to adhere to Mission School District Goals and Guidelines.