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Principal -Mrs. Beth-Anne Cullen

Vice Principal - Mrs.Vivian Searwar

Secretary - Mrs. Julie Hinnen

Custodian - Mr. Jeff Gudmundsson

Div. 1 Ms. Sue Nickel Grade 5/6
Div. 2 Ms. Debbie Winkelmans Grade 5/6
Div. 3 Ms. Trixie Mahneke Grade 5
Div 4 Mrs.Vivian Searwar (Vice Principal) Grade 4/5
Div. 5 Mr.Gord Gwyn, Mrs. Kaitlyn McRobbie Grade 4
Div. 6 Ms. Marijke Ell Grade 3
Div. 7 Mrs. Judy MacAulay, Mrs. Louise Rempel Grade 3 website
Div. 8 Mr. Glen Roberts Grade 2
Div 9 Ms.Joann Davis Grade 1/2
Div. 10 Ms. Patti Radons Grade 1
Div. 11 Mrs. Elaine Fairley, Mrs. Louise Rempel Grade 1
Div. 12 Ms. Shirley Hinkel   K
Div. 13 Ms. Chandy Ritter   K
Ms. Brenda Clarke   Learning Assistance
Mrs. Julie Brown¬†   Teacher-Librarian
Ms.Kaitlyn McRobbie   Prep Teacher
Mrs. Betsy Norton   Education Assistant
Ms Amanda Wagner   Education Assistant
Mrs. Sue Smith   Education Assistant
Mrs. Barb Sepke¬†   Education Assistant
Mrs. Kerry McGrath   Counsellor
Mrs. Kim Grey   Youth Care Worker
Ms. Dionne McGrath   Aboriginal Liaison Worker
Ms. Diane Gallo   ESD Teacher
Tammi Bullock Noon Hour Supervisor
Cheryl Libonati Noon Hour Supervisor
Christine Gibbs Noon Hour Supervisor
Brenda Soetisna Noon Hour Supervisor
Barb Bilsburger Noon Hour Supervisor


School Cash

Contact Us:

Hatzic Elementary School
8465 Draper Street,
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 5V6

Tel: 604 826 2481
Fax: 604 826 8331


Ms. Beth-Anne Cullen

Vice Principal

Mrs. Vivian Searwar

Office Manager

Mrs. Julie Hinnen


Anti Bullying - Be In The Know

What is bullying? Learn about different types and the risk factors, and the effects.

Bullying isn't just a child issue; it's a school and community issue, and must be addrrssed with a school and community solution.

See, for more information.


The Mission School District International Student Program is currently looking for nurturing host families to provide a welcoming “home away from home” for our visiting elementary and secondary students. These paid positions are a wonderful opportunity to share your heart and your home as well as our great Canadian culture with young visitors from around the world. Student placements range from 2 weeks to 2 years or more.

We invite you to complete our On-line Application Form to become a host family

Go to: ; Homestay; New Host Families; Clink On-line Application Form.